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Rangarajan R, 42, is an ex-IAS officer, a Chartered accountant and a Cost accountant. He is presently the Associate Director at Officers’ IAS Academy, Chennai, where he trains and inspires civil service aspirants. Starting his career in PricewaterhouseCoopers, he went on to become a corporate banker after his chartered accountancy. Later, in his role as an IAS officer, Rangarajan served in the North-Eastern state of Assam.

His hobbies include reading and short-story writing. An avid long-distance runner, he has completed more than twenty half marathons.  He can be reached at


A Madras Mystery

Books by Rangarajan

A Madras Mystery opens with two young men exchanging a cryptic code about a location, in Chennai, to carry out their ‘operation.’ A string of abductions from various parts of the city sends tremors amongst the ruling class in Tamil Nadu.

The State is embroiled in caste clashes and only a few months are left for the general elections. Power battle hots up within the ruling party as various heavyweights jostle for cabinet berths. 

As Ashwin IP

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