Rhesa Gupta

Rhesa, a 17-year-old teenager, is a pizza aficionado. Presently, she is a resident student at Kodaikanal International School which is based in Kodaikanal, popularly known as the Princess of Hills. Over the years, she has been blessed with amazing friends, diverse colleagues and numerous associations with a whole spectrum of people. Rhesa takes pride in having a close-knit family and considers herself fortunate to have grown up in a protected environment while bonding over loud, crazy conversations. She is a confident, defiant, gregarious and boisterous teen. She is a friend whom you can depenRead More...


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Teenagers by a Teenager

Books by Rhesa Gupta

Teenagers by a Teenager is a book about pre-teens and teens. In this first edition, the author talks about the emotional and mental well-being of this age group – a topic that is not comprehensively addressed for teenagers. The book looks into the life of Gen-Z teenagers and their feelings. It unearths their emotions and assures them that it is OKAY to sometimes feel not so great. It is an insight for teens to understand that there are zillion other teens go

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