Sabeen Roshan is an M.B.A who chose to pursue a career in Corporate Banking. Someone who never found comfort in conformity, she is an unconventional rebel at heart who has always lived life on her own terms, defying the standards of society where she was born and raised. Fascinated by the world of holistic healing and lifestyle, her quest for optimal health and wellness led her to explore various forms of alternative energy therapies. She went on to become a “Reiki Master” – a healing modality that perfectly combined her spiritual side with her innate healing abilities. The contrasts in her own life and the imbalances she observed in the lives of others became a catalyst for her to delve deep into the mystical side of life. Her search for higher calling and her path to self-discovery has culminated in the form of this book. To her, a holy person is a whole person – one who has attained mastery of the material as well as the mystical world.

It is now her passion to empower people to live their best lives. To her, changing lives means changing mindsets and operating from a place of authenticity, perseverance and faith.


Kun Fayakun – The Divine Decree


The conundrum around creating a life of infinite abundance and everlasting joy is still very real for many who are struggling despite the wealth of knowledge available on conscious creation, including the famous Law of Attraction. While this law has given us a solid foundation, there are mult

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