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Saheb Sahani

Father and Storyteller
Father and Storyteller

Saheb Sahani is an engineer turned advertising and marketing professional. Notes of a Fatherosaur is his debut book, inspired by his own real-life experiences as a father. He's always had a knack for writing and utilizes his presence on social media to share everyday life anecdotes, a quirky take on work-life balance and the savage trolling he suffers at the hand of his daughter. You can follow his journey on instagram.com/sahebsahani.   Saheb lives in Mumbai with his wife, Sanjana, and daughter, Imaana. He can be reached at saheb.shn@gmail.com.Read More...

Notes of a Fatherosaur

Books by Saheb Sahani

"The feeling of having your kid potty trained is greater than the satisfaction of being promoted at your job!"

The Notes of a Fatherosaur, written by a father himself takes you on a parenting journey and perspective unlike any that you have read before. This is a personal journal, made public, in the interest for fathers at large, to tell them to not become a fatherosaur, the dinosaurs of the parenting world, and to evolve to take up a mor

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