Sailja Jain

Sunakshi Wadhwa is a true nomad, as she was born in Chandigarh, India but has lived in 13 cities in North, West and South India, China, USA, Saudi Arabia, and Philippines. Sunakshi’s friend personality archetype is “Ms. Cheerleader'', as she will find a way to help cheer you on in any situation, be it boy trouble or career conundrum, and will always have her eye (/i) out given her endless belief in you. This characteristic is just a side effect of being an ex-strategy consultant. Her most endearing qualities are her false perception of her sense of humour, and her eclectic cooking skills. Read More...


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Those Type of Women

Books by Sailja, Sunakshi, Vimuolea, Yujin And Other Real Women

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the facade of modern-day feminists? What incites them to be so angry at the world, and what motivates them to lead their glamorous impudent lives? Look no further. “Those Type of Women” is a collection of original memoirs of extraordinary yet ordinary 20-something old women, from diverse backgrounds, who share their real stories on their journeys of navigating love, sexuality, career, relationships, and beauty standa

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