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ShashiKiran Alur

Shashi was a global nomad by destiny, an engineer by vocation, a physicist in curiosity, and a life sciences strategist by profession. In the daytime, he treaded the mundane corporate world, providing solicited advice on corporate commercial endeavors and governmental economic policies around the world. In the darkness of the night, if his snores were not echoing through the streets of Basel, Switzerland, he was busy coalescing the tales he encountered in the bars of Tel Aviv, the teahouses of Amman, the Surf houses of Lima, and the music clubs of Havana, while vibing with people of different Read More...


FREE WILL from Lockdown

Books by ShashiKiran Alur

When Neeraja seeks counsel for divorce on her Facebook Yoga group, the will to separate from her love Willie is cathartic and not just a social media whim triggered by the confinement of the lockdown. Willie’s Zoom calls dressed in a blazer and boxer shorts bugs Neeraja, but there is a deeper divergence she sees with Willie. Or is it the clash of his American upbringing and her Indian one that would snowball them to crossroads in their marriage? 


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