Shilp Smita

Author, Poet and Banker
Author, Poet and Banker

The author was born and brought up in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, with Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Travel and Tourism) from IITTM, Ministry of Tourism, Govt.of India, Gwalior. Having lived in five states of India with varied cultural exposure, currently serving as Manager at an esteemed Public Sector Bank in Delhi, after being selected by eight nationalised banks. An Advance Diploma Holder in Bharatnatyam and with a Degree (equivalent) in Painting, the author has immense respect towards all art forms but primarily invested into English and Hindi Poetry which she feels is the most evolved form of communication to explain the inexplicable.A seeker of higher realms of consciousness.



Books by Shilp Smita

This collection of poetry is about the love which holds one strong from within, about the frailties and downfalls of human struggle, and faith in the idea of divine or supreme being as we call him. It focuses towards one’s higher self which always comes to rescue in distress and darkness. Aimed to be a poetic story of not losing hope on one's inherent goodness and strength, which can take one through unbelievable obstacles and still make them emerge a diamond

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Leap of Faith

Books by Shilp Smita

To write of the conflict within, to be wronged by life and still feel blessed to be living. To know that wrong was just a part of bigger plan of right. This collection essays a reflection into touching a realm, a dimension, we only feel deep within, and are too scared to talk about. This work is a belief in goodness even in the worst of souls, and a belief of filling unimaginable abyss of chaos grief and darkness in human beings, with love light and faith.

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