Shilp Smita

The author was born and brought up in Dhanbad Jharkhand, with Post Graduate Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management from IITTM, Ministry of Tourism, Gwalior, ended up living in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala and now in New Delhi after a switch over in career from tourism professional to Probationary Officer on being selected by eight nationalised Banks. She is presently working at one of them in New Delhi. She has a deep inclination towards art with professional degree in Painting and Bharatnatyam and is an avid reader of all genre of books with an inclination towards spirituality and higher self.

Leap of Faith

Books by Shilp Smita

To write of the conflict within, to be wronged by life and still feel blessed to be living. To know that wrong was just a part of bigger plan of right. This collection essays a reflection into touching a realm, a dimension, we only feel deep within, and are too scared to talk about. This work is a belief in goodness even in the worst of souls, and a belief of filling unimaginable abyss of chaos grief and darkness in human beings, with love light and faith.

It is for all the people who have been at the turning points of their lives and have sensed a lower band in all they fail to do and an upper hand which comes to their rescue. It’s for everyone out there who understands that love and pain are inseparable, that angels and devils do exist and we all have a part of both in us. It’s all about which one we love more, the devil to kiss him and make him go the sleep or the angel to challenge and make him go much higher.

This short collection is a trial at both communication and silence, because that’s where our innermost or the supreme, as we call it, resides.

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