Shubhangi is a Project Manager who has spent 3 years in corporate world and considerable amount of time on Earth among humans. She is a mechanical engineer who has completed her MBA from IIM (Bodh Gaya). Her passion for weaving tales that blend the absurdity of the cosmos with the everyday struggles of the human condition has led her to take to writing and digital art. When she's not penning her next cosmic stories, you can find her either taking notes in the important meetings or sketching comic or stargazing in a hope to one day have a cosmic encounter.  Read More...


Shray's Cosmic Encounter: A Novella Beyond Worlds

Books by Shubhangi Khamkar

Looking to do more than paying her bills, Shray, a corporate employee shifts to Alora, a small town in the lap of the mountains. Hardly, does she know that she would be drawn into the world of cosmic chaos leading her to take up an exhilarating tour across the universe where the boundaries between reality and the unknown blur into a mesmerizing tapestry of adventure and discovery. Amidst all the chaos, Shray finds solace in her interstellar bonds, punny conver

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