Dr. Sumathi Chandrasekaran

She has been a practising psychologist for the past 18 years, a founder member of the Indian Association for Professional Supervision (IAPS), an international happiness coach, the founder of Yuvathi, a forum for women and children's mental well being, and the proprietor of Mind Cafe. She has a Developmental Psychology doctorate, specializing in Parental counseling and children's behavioral problems. She has provided counseling and psychotherapy for more than 10,000 clients.Read More...


Be the Happy Mom

Books by Dr. Sumathi Chandrasekaran

"Be the Happy Mom”  is a self-help book for all the women who want to learn and apply the effective 7-step process of how to be a happy mom and affirm her self worthiness. This book empowers and guides you in your quest to find your true self. The book will be a practical guide for every woman to empower herself in all domains of her life, especially in her role as a mom.

By the end of “Be the Happy Mom”, you will learn how to:


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