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Thakur KBP Sinha

Thakur K B P Sinha was born in 1941, at Gaya, Bihar. His interest in literature began in his school days, when he consumed all the books, magazines available at home. He also borrowed books from a local library all the time; the books could be of any genre – poetry, stories, novels, travelogues, satire, mystery thrillers and scientific fiction. In addition to writing ten English books in a variety of genres, the author has also published about fifteen Hindi stories, travelogues, and satires in reputed magazines. Besides writing, he also had the opportunity to broadcast four talks and some poems for children from Akashvani,(All India Radio), Darbhanga (Bihar). Even at seventy five, he is actively engaged in literary activities in both the languages. In future, apart from fiction, he also plans to publish a collection of Hindi stories and English poems.

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