Uday Pandal

The author has received education in mechanics from Government Engineering College, Bikaner. He is dedicated to the original source of Hindu traditions and ideology and has the ability to understand the evil coming in the society. He has a nature full of criticism and opposition, which further strengthens his viewpoint. The author's sources of inspiration are Barbarik and Kabir. Barbarik's support of the weaker section and his nature of staying away from the confusion of religion and unrighteousness makes him a devotee of Barbarik. Kabir's fearless nature of criticism and opposition makes him Read More...


हिन्दू सूत्र

Books by उदय पांडल

धर्म, काल, कर्म, माया प्रकृति के चार मूल तत्व है इन तत्वों का ज्ञान आप के मोक्ष कि प्राप्ति का मार्ग हो सकता है यही हिंदू सूत्र का मूल आधार है। हिंदू सूत्र चार स्तंब पर टीका हुआ है, य

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