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Manimaran, 61 years old, a retired Chief Engineer in a government organization, struggled a lot in his life due to his stammering till his age of 50. While in school and college, he was neither able to ask doubts to his teachers nor was able to tell known answers whenever questions were posed to him. He also found very difficult to speak in meetings at his workplace. Telling his name to strangers, getting bus tickets, ordering food in restaurants and speaking over phone were a complete nightmare for Manimaran. After knowing about The Indian Stammering Association (TISA), Manimaran had launched its Chennai chapter in 2009. He learned from TISA how to overcome fear and as a result, a new confident Manimaran emerged. 

After retirement, he started serving full time to the stammering community, entirely at free of cost. He started conducting self-help group meetings and communication workshops regularly at Chennai. He has launched a website and uploaded speech therapy videos in YouTube 2014. So far, 53k people have viewed his Tamil speech therapy video. Simultaneously, he has also started two WhatsApp groups exclusively for stammerers. Now the combined strength of the two WhatsApp groups touches 400 members. As a senior citizen now, he is leading his life peacefully and speaking confidently without any fear and shame. He is spending most of his time by giving counseling to the needy stammerers either in person or over phone or messages thro’ WhatsApp. 

Manimaran has written this book so as to reach more stammerers all over the world in the intention of overcoming their speech problems at the earliest and lead normal lives like any other normal speaking persons.


தி – தி – திக்குவாய்?

Books by வே. மணிமாறன்

நீங்கள் திக்கிப் பேசும் பயத்தையும் அவமானத்தையும் சமாளித்து நன்றாக பேச விரும்பினால், இந்த புத்தகம் உங்களுக்காக மட்டுமே. திக்குவாயிலிருந்து மீண்டு வரும்  மணிமாறன், தனது

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Books by V.Manimaran

If you wish to overcome fear & shame and speak well, this book is just for you.  Manimaran, a recovering stammerer has written this book based on his own stammering experience and the in-depth knowledge gained from interacting with more than 400 stammerers in the past 10 years. He explains the success tools and methods very well in this book to make every stammerer to speak well in a manner that’s simple, understandable and easily applicable techniques

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