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Vansh Gandhi

Vansh is your average awkward teenager with a special passion (obsession is probably a better word) for trains, a fact that is evident in all his poems. He loves to whistle and sing when he is happy, as music holds a very special place in his heart. It transports him to his happy place. He has been gifted with ASD, ADHD and Dysgraphia. Vansh has the attention span of a squirrel (his model railroad set, rather just trains in general, are the acorn). Vansh’s Dysgraphia always made writing a pain for him. Poetry began as a method of avoiding writing long assignments by crunching the matter, but it soon became a favored way of expression for him. Awkward communication paved a path for the poet in him. With Vansh, what you see is what you get. So, the poems are a direct expression of what he is feeling. No words minced!

Vansh lives in New Delhi, India with his parents, grandparents and a very loving sister.


Train of My Thoughts

Books by Vansh Gandhi

Train of My Thoughts is a collection of poems penned by a train-obsessed teenager in a refreshingly fun and satirical take on subjects that include literature, current affairs, historical events and more. Written as a part of his school’s creative writing, Vansh tries to get under the skin of the assignments in an engaging and entertaining manner. The poems on different topics, over a span of 6 school years, make for an amusing read. This unpretentious 17-ye

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