Aditya Vyas

Public Speaker and Writer
Public Speaker and Writer

When it comes to me. I usually prefer to be silent. What do you want to know? When I find myself sometimes a sacred puzzle. I never interacted much yet I danced all my expression out. I am fond of meditating, writing, dreaming, and madly dancing. I really love to act wild sometimes. Emotional to the core. I am in love with love. Now I need to stop babbling about me. I think this would be enough. The more my mouth will stretch open the more your ear will near me in wonder. If this feels incomplete, turn the page.


A Truths

Books by Vyasadi

There are truth scattered everywhere. People take them according to their mind pockets. So what happens when a person tries to become a madman and pick up all the scattered truth not to fill his pocket but to implant them deep into his heart? ‘This garden grows to you’. We come here to exchange our individual truth in return of some honesty and acceptance. And of all the truths, reason being love the greatest truth is because it served itself to the rise

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