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After ten years with a multinational bank, Sucheta RK opted out to enjoy the real treasures of life; beginning with family and friends, but not ending there. For her, writing is a mode of self-reflection. She believes that all characters in a book—good, bad, ugly and fantastic—are simply the author in diverse disguise, attempting to make sense of the two worlds; the outside one in which we all live and the one we create and inhabit within our minds.Read More...


The Madman Of Icchapurti

Books by Sucheta RK

When Deja, from the lowest caste of Ichhapurti, is wrongly convicted of attempting to assault and rob Ichhapurti's most revered Brahmin, three teenage friends decide to befriend the lonely young man. Disregarding the dangerous fallout of their secret visits to the banished convict, the boys are amazed by Deja's ability to assimilate his unfair retribution and a life of degradation and despair, with dignity and without bitterness or anger. Fully aware of Deja's

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