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Aahana Mulla

Aahana Mulla is an intrinsic blend of simplicity and complexity; of being a recluse and an extrovert. She is as comfortable spinning to the latest tunes of Rihanna and Drake, as she is laying on the beach listening to the likes of The Verve and Pink Floyd, pondering over love, life, humanity, technology and the threads that weave all of it together.

She has worked in a multitude of roles ranging from marketing and consulting to also running a tech company for a few years. One thing that she has always been truly in love with, is people watching and learning from them. To explore and further understand our beautiful species, she is now a Happiness Program Creator and runs workshops for the same to help optimize the human potential in herself and others.

Aahana lives in Bombay and travels every chance she gets to absorb all the wonder that she can, from the multiple worlds outside her bubble.


Behind The Light

Books by Aahana Mulla

Everything shifting and coming together in a moment,

Of each one of these, in some way –


You are a vital component.

Behind the Light is a collection of 80 poems, each expressing a different emotion. It is an assortment of regular experiences that take place in our daily lives that we are probably too busy to even notice.

Aahana was inspired by a very real, ordinary moment one day, whe

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