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Patna, India

Abhik Singh joined the Indian Police Force as an officer at the age of twenty-three. After ten years of dedicated service, he quit the police force and started a new chapter of his life as a security officer at a leading government bank. He currently lives in Durgapur (West Bengal) and is exploring his “self” and beyond the “self”, in search of divinity. Reading and writing are his two passions. Abhik has been a passionate writer right from his childhood days. This is his second book after his first, and successful, book Stress to Spirituality. He can be contacted on his email abhik5482@gmail.com


Life moves fast on the roads of time. If one has the patience to look behind, if one could observe, many things would emerge; how far we have come leaving our old selves behind. What and who stand at the same point, where we had once started from. We are waiting for ourselves, filled with purity, pity and love. Life hums with satisfaction. These feelings emanate from the book Kuchh Yun Bhi (In Hindi). This book contains stories, poems, essays etc. It arouses not only love, faith and divinity in the hearts of the readers but also unleashes some burning questions, the answers to which are waiting to be traced out, hiding somewhere in the book itself. ...

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Stress sneaks into your lives and quietly takes over your peace of mind, with or without your knowledge. But you have the power deep within you to lift the veil of stress and vanquish it forever from your life. This power can be aroused and awakened through spiritual meditation. The journey from stress to spirituality requires immense self-realisation. This book, like a true friend, guides you along the path of self-realisation and selflessness, towards a stress-free place where peace, ecstasy and divine contentment reside. ...

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