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Dr Abhinandan

A Native of North Karnataka, Dr Abhinandan commenced his professional career as a Lecturer but later transiting to work as Professor, Principal and as an Entrepreneur. With a desperate urge to pen his thoughts, He turned himself into a writer. His work for Education and youth is tremendous and is sure to carve a good neighborhood. He has been seen offering lectures at Various colleges, old age homes, and also at All India Radio. The Author is known for the success of his earlier books A Crumpled Paper, Muddada Bale, Nirbhanda, and Indira Fame Prejudice and Beyond. He has received Hon. Doctorate from University of Sorbon (France) and Prestigious Aryabhata Award for his contribution in the Education field.


You Are Light to Yourself


Many philosophers and emancipators have presented many ideologies and have endeavored their best for the happy living of mankind. Though our scriptures Bhagavad Gita, Quran and Bible taught us the philosophy of this life…… However, great, varied and many in strength they all failed because for us the fruits of happiness still remain unavailable. It is because today’s internet, email and mobile technology have given birth to an instant gratification socie

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