Aditya Kuchibhotla

Author | Coach specialised in Emotional Intelligence
Author | Coach specialised in Emotional Intelligence

Aditya is a Chartered Accountant with over nineteen years of experience. He has worked in various multinational organizations (JP Morgan and GE), in multiple countries and different industries.  Such varied experiences helped him learn about various cultures and respect different perspectives. Aditya is passionate about working with people - learning from them and learning with them. He is an Author, Speaker, and Coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence. He is a certified NLP Practitioner and holds a certificate in psychological counseling.  Website: eMRead More...


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Financial independence gives you the confidence to live your dreams. As you work towards it, you will encounter numerous ‘financial traps’. They appear to be the right paths but are quicksand.

This book not only talks about some of these financial traps and how to avoid them but also guides you to diligently save and invest so you can become financially independent.

If all it takes is an hour to learn, then it's an awesome deal...isn't it?

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