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Akhilesh Chandra Upadhyay

Uttar Pradesh, India

After graduating from Science College Patna, Akhilesh Chandra Upadhyay joined the Indian Army as a commissioned officer. Presently, he is working as Divisional Commandant Home guards in Uttar Pradesh. ‘Amavant - An Unknown Civilization’ is his first published work.


Before the process of Aryanization began - India was called Amavant. The name Amavant was derived from - Amavart. The literal meaning of Amavart is - the land of rivers..... rAm-shayanem hu-shayanem Airyabyo danghubyo This is an Avestan hymn. Avesta and Vedic Sanskrit are very closely related. In Sanskrit, ‘Shayanem’ exactly means - governance, rule. The hymn says - The rule of Lord Rama was the golden period of the country of Aryans..... Avesta speaking ancient Iranians worshipped the river Ardvi Sur. But Ardvi Sur is none other than the river-Narmada. If you chant aloud ‘Namo Ardvebhyo’ repeatedly, observe how easily it tends to become ‘Narmadebhyo’..... Zoroaster died at the place called ‘Gaya’. Almost three thousand years after that incident, Gaya was to become the seat of enlightenment of Lord Buddha. In all probability, Zoroaster got enlightened at ‘Kushinagar’, and roughly three thousand years later, Kushinagar was to become the place of Mahaparinibban (death) of Buddha..... ...

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