Akhilesh Chandra Upadhyay

After graduating from Science College Patna, Akhilesh Chandra Upadhyay joined the Indian Army as a commissioned officer. Presently, he is working as Divisional Commandant Home guards in Uttar Pradesh. ‘Amavant - An Unknown Civilization’ is his first published work. Read More...


Books by Akhilesh Chandra Upadhyay

Before the process of Aryanization began - India was called Amavant. The name Amavant was derived from - Amavart. The literal meaning of Amavart is - the land of rivers.....

rAm-shayanem hu-shayanem Airyabyo danghubyo

This is an Avestan hymn. Avesta and Vedic Sanskrit are very closely related. In Sanskrit, ‘Shayanem’ exactly means - governance, rule. The hymn says - The rule of Lord R

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