dr.anant manerikar

Dr. Anant Manerikar is a retired professor and the head of the Department of Pharmacology from the RCSM Government Medical College, Kolhapur. He hails from a beautiful, tiny hamlet, Maneri, which is situated on the border of Goa and Maharashtra, on the bank of the river Tirali in the Sindhudurg district.


So far, he has published four books of poems in English and one in Marathi. He is a recipient of several awards. He currently lives in Navi Mumbai.


Email id: drasmanerikar@gmail.com

Phone no: 9324111870


Dying Declaration

Books by Anant Manerikar

This is a story of my life, which has been a tedious and difficult journey. I was born into a very poor family. There was no one to guide me except for my father.

By fighting through various personal and socioeconomic problems, I raised myself to become a doctor with a postgraduate degree in Pharmacology. I’m a poet by nature, and it’s my passion to treat my patients like my own kin.

I’m sure my fight against the odds will definitely, have a

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In the World of Love

Books by Dr. Anant Manerikar

Those who wander in search of love should go through these delightful verses. They may discuss your hidden feelings in suitable terms and amuse your deep-seated poetic mind, while enlivening your belief in love.

These poetic words are sure to have an amazing impact on the reader's mind.

There is a Sanskrit saying: There are, in fact, only three jewels on this Earth ­– water, food and subhashit (good saying). The fool has named a little

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The Wavelets of my mind

Books by Dr. Anant Manerikar

"An ocean of thoughts in a drop of language."

The Wavelets of my Mind ismostly written in a first-person perspective, with a fine blending of love and philosophy, metaphorically.

"Poetry is the image of man and nature." Says the great bard, Wordsworth.
When the reader is in a vacant and pensive mood, these delightful verses will definitely help to relieve and amuse. It'll be a pleasure to read at one's leisure time.

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A Wavelet

Books by Dr. Anant Manerikar

A Wavelet is a collection of poems that deals with love – an emotional feeling of the youthful life. As William Wordsworth says,

“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling.”

The book also deals with social and political issues in a simple poetic style.

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