Aniket Ranjan

Aniket Ranjan is a passionate writer who loves putting words into his imagination. He didn't have a taste for novels until he read Harry Potter which brewed his liking towards them. Aniket used to write short stories for fun but then he thought of doing something original, and that's when he came up with the idea of his first novel - An Adventure ToThe Invincible Sword - The Three Doors which he wrote at the age of fourteen.  The book is inspired by the Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. His writing style is creative but simple thus perfect for a children's fiction.


An Adventure To The Invincible Sword

Books by Aniket Ranjan

Cadrick Ackerley was just an infant when the Dark Lord, Alborz murdered his parent. But something happened when he tried to kill the infant that made Alborz lose all his powers. Twenty-one years later, a wizard named Maleficus takes Cadrick on a journey of Five Doors along with his two friends, Fabio and Sadie. The Five Doors will lead him to the Invincible Sword that can help him destroy Alborz who is on the rise once again.

Will he survive this terrify

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