Anmol Chawla

Anmol Chawla, a diehard philosopher is an industrial engineer from a well-reputed college,

who is trying to find innovative ways to serve humanity, as he believes only a utilitarian mindset can solve today’s complex societal issues.

This is his first work of fiction, inspired from his own experiences with the world around him. He has ventured into many social initiatives after leaving a lucrative job in a Multi-National Company.






Books by Anmol Chawla

“What is it that took away the carefree attitude we had in our childhood? What is it that took away the spark we had as an adolescent? What is it that took away the charm we had as teenagers?What is it that took away the warmth we had as human beings?”

Three youngsters and three middle-aged men set out to find answers to questions that have forever perplexed human mind. Suddenly, the disaster of Uttarakhand happens, leading them to meet a wonderful s

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