Indie Author Championship #6

Annie Pundir

Annie Pundir was born in the Nilgiris and completed her education from there. She presently resides in Dehradun, where she teaches senior classes English. She is an avid reader and a passionate writer who pens stories for children as well as adults. Annie has composed a number of poems, some of which have been published in various school magazines. She has also written a few articles, which were published in the local newspapers. She is an animal lover too.    Read More...

Jamby and the Flutterbys

Books by Annie Pundir

Three little stories that are sure to warm your heart, Jamby and the Fluttebys is a collection of shorts that is sure to instill family values, kindness and love in the hearts of the readers.

In the first story, Jamby the little elephant calf is the hero, but quite a disobedient one at that! Wanting to pursue his dream of becoming a movie star, he sets off against his mother’s wishes. On the way, fate has a new plan for him—Jamby decides to rescue so

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