Indie Author Championship #6

Anshita Mehrotra

Anshita was six, the first time she wrote a poem, it was about love, of course, not that she knew much about it, she just needed a reason to write. She was sixteen when her heart first broke, and nineteen when she decided she wanted to share her method of healing with the rest of the world. She currently lives in Gurgaon, India with her parents, younger brother, grandmother and dog, Marbles.Read More...

Love comes full circle

Books by Anshita Mehrotra

This is the poetry that you and I sit and write when the day has left us and our pen is itching to be written with. The night calls us up, our phones are on silent, but we keep it in our hands anyway, pretending and unpretending like our almost lovers do. So, we write the words that beg to be written.

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