Antara Pandit, Dr. Sonali Santhanam

Antara Pandit is an award-winning writer, aspiring author, podcast host, and an advocate for creating change. From Chennai, India, she is the Founder of Antara Pandit Official, Teens Talk, and Co-founder of The Giving Trees. Antara strongly believes that strong human connections can be forged by sharing experiences. She encourages and emphasises this through her writing on parenting, education & other topics, as well as her focus on creating platforms to amplify the voices of adults and children from all walks of life. Dr. Sonali Santhanam is the founder of Birth Basix, a platform that supportRead More...


Navigating COVID-19

Books by Antara Pandit, Dr. Sonali Santhanam

COVID-19 has isolated women from friends and family, and the support systems that mothers rely on to deal with anxieties and share in the excitement of pregnancy and parenting. It has created unforeseen and unbearable situations for both mothers and fathers. But it has also been a hidden blessing for many.

Navigating COVID-19 is an anthology that highlights the realities of bringing a new life into the world and raising them in the middle

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