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Anuradha Babu, Dr. K S Uthra, Vedant Ranadive, Dr. Mahima Seetaram

Anuradha Babu, is an Electronics and Industrial Engineer turned Psychotherapist. Along with a Masters in Psychotherapy she has several qualifications in different fields to her credit. A proud recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Award at the National Level and several Excellence Awards, she always believes in the mantra Make it simple, Keep it simple. She is the Founder and Head of IMPACKT®, that has been working for sixteen years towards overall wellness. She has witnessed more than 2000 cases and has completed more than 26,000 hours of psychotherapy and counselling. She has conducted more tRead More...

Shadow. Showcase. Succeed.

Books by Anuradha Babu, Dr. Mahima Seetaram

Sometimes people may exhibit a repeated or Signature Behaviour which reveals a great deal about them. It may disclose the underlying Shadow, which Showcases a behaviour and Succeeds in a positive or negative way. 

What if you could decipher and understand what these characteristic behavioural patterns actually exhibit? 

In this book, you'll learn how Shadow, Showcase and Succeed impact your personality and aspects of life.

This bo

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Beyond the Gloomy Skies

Books by Anuradha Babu, Dr. K S Uthra, Vedant Ranadive

Join the heart-warming, transformative journey of Rudra, a young boy, whose life is shattered when he loses his parents but he learns the process of healing with the simplest of virtues of love, acceptance and gratitude. In his fast-paced life, he learns to slow down, gain strength and face life head-on. But it is easier said than done, isn’t it? 

This journey is filled with trials, tribulations and small but significant victories and re-inforces the

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