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Born as a reiki child, Anushree Bhargava was always inclined towards gaining spiritual comprehension. A sense of wonder about life ingrained in her being, prompted her to explore the connection between life and art. She started young as a doodler, trailed to tattooing while in high-School and learnt from luxury brand management, graphic designing & animation in addition while keeping up constantly with creating art. She has pursued mass media to sum up her intellectual accomplishments. A vibrant painter, conscious writer and an aspiring art therapist, Anushree is a versatile artist who likes tRead More...


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Books by Anushree Bhargava

It is a constant concern to feel Human.

But, what exactly is Human?

The answer to the above lies within you, respectively.

The answer, that you will have to find.

TO BE HUMAN is an inceptive compilation of vibrant artworks and inspirational writings alongside!

Each phase reflects the base foundations of Human institutionalization.

Each word of the writings & each dot in the artwork enlightens us on the world that exist

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By Anushree Bhargava in Poetry | Reads: 205 | Likes: 3

In the coming world will the sun really shine,all that felt so unpleasant will just be fine.There will be no yours or no mine,but all of our thoughts aligned.In the coming world we will see the real power,when lovely kids will smell those flowers.With no stop to hours,and loads of love to shower.In   Read More...

Published on Feb 25,2021 03:45 PM

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