Arnav Sinha

Arnav Sinha is a fifteen year old Indian writer. He is currently a student in tenth grade and Dark Depths of Blue is his first written and published book. He is known to write fictional stories at his school and has been acknowledged by his teachers many times. He is also known for his unique artwork that involves intricate patterns and details, his witty and simple humor, and his interest in marine biology. He has written his book alongside Aayushi Sinha, his cousin. She too, is in the tenth grade. The protagonists of the book, Scarlett and Jake, are mirrored to their personalities. Both Arnav and Aayushi reside in Pune, India, with their own families.


Myths Coming True

Books by Arnav Sinha

An ordinary life with an ordinary routine is all that’s happening with Scarlett and Jake. Scarlett, who is studying mythology, wishes to have a break from the usual routine, and it comes to her in the form of an expedition to Atlantis. She and her brother, who is doubtful, go along with six others on their journey. After actually finding the lost city under the sea, they find out that they have an even greater job. They have to rise up against the dark force

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