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Arpita Gajria

Poet and a-Writer exploring varies Art forms
Poet and a-Writer exploring varies Art forms

Arpita Gajria, the author of Dastan-ae-ishq, was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. She completed her B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering and is working as a scientist for almost two decades. She developed a flair for reading and writing in her early childhood. She turned into a blogger on the arrival of her daughter and covered subjects related to motherhood and the struggles of working mothers. But then life overtook her passion for writing. She has been posting poems on social media platforms from time to time, covering various genres from romance to societal issues.   The year 2022Read More...


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Books by अर्पिता गजरिया

इश्क़ न उम्र समझता है न मज़हब, न सब्र समझता है न कसब, 

वो तूफान की तरह आता है, और फना होना चाहता है। 

निगाहों से बयाँ-ए-जज़्बात करता है, खामोशियों को सुकून से पढ़ता है।


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