Baby Kattackal

The author, Baby Kattackal, is a lawyer by profession and a writer by choice. He is also a freelance journalist who contributes to Woman’s Era and Alive published from Delhi, and to the New Indian Express - A Leading Indian Daily. Two of his books, ‘The Crusaders’ and ‘The Guardians of Evil’, have been published. And the present one ‘The Divine Lust’ is his third. He is an artist and a singer to boot. Read More...

The Divine Lust

Books by Baby Kattackal

The protagonist in this novel is Julie, 24, a researcher in psychology, and the only daughter of Romula, who divorced her husband, Robin, on incompatibility of temperament. Romula, a teacher, and Julie lived in Lisbon.

The psychologist daughter wanted to find out if her mother’s extreme love for God had led to her frigidity.

She was also in search of the ultimate of divine love. During her search, she chanced upon her father, Robin, through a pr

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The Crusaders

Books by Baby Kattackal

The Crusaders with its rich cast of characters delves into a host of subjects that the author, Baby Kattackal holds dear to his heart. The novel is divided into three parts and follows the story of Jes Raj, his son Beja and a Chinese girl Xiuying. It explores faith, blind belief, superstition and atheism on one hand. On another it examines the concept of discipline and the negative and positive aspects of it. Then there is the notion of love – a word that is

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