Benjamin M. Othmar, Deepak Burfiwala

Benjamin M. Othmar and Deepak Burfiwala are passionate and successful trainers and bestselling authors of two books. Their calling is to make people realize their inner infinite creative potential, through their stage presence. They love to share lessons on permanent life changes with people from all walks of life. Connect with Benjamin M. Othmar at: www.benothmar@gmail.com, www.benothmar.com, www.facebook.benothmar.com Connect with Deepak Burfiwala at: www.deepakburfiwala.blogspot.in, www.facebook.com/deepakburfiwala, www.twitter.com/deepakburfiwala Read More...

Self-Ignorance Is Your Problem. Self-Awareness Is Your Solution.

Books by Benjamin M. Othmar, Deepak Burfiwala

You have something great within you if you are passionate about realizing your inner uniqueness. If you think you deserve to live a life of love, peace, abundance, wealth and purpose, then this book is for you, to empower yourself knowledge and self belief. Self-Ignorance is Your Problem. Self-Awareness is Your Solution will help you to discover your inner voice, become limitless and elevated, reach you to your dreams and enliven them to be more become creativ

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