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Prabhakar staying in Bangalore. He has qualifications in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science along with some courses in Astrology and Alternative Medicines. Since he had flair for research in various science disciplines, he continued it as a hobby. He is interested in bringing innovative and creative ideas to all the branches of Science and Technology. The most important work includes gravity, light, basic quantum mechanics along with a flying machine named U-craft which uses centrifugal forces to fly. Around nine research papers got published in the International Journal. Here an attempt is made to bring all those in the form of a book so that it can reach many people, who are interested in the above topics.


Wingless Flying Machine

Books by C Prabhakar

This book attempts to bring complete explanation for construction and working of U Craft. U Craft is a transport vehicle to move in all modes of transportation such as on land, water, air and outer space by fitting with a centrifugal mechanism which enables it to do so. This book also contains details about the other modes of transportation explained briefly. This book explains how we can combine all other modes of transportation into a single one. There are different models of U Craft given to suit the various needs based on different body shapes and type of power supplied. Few chapters also included on the brief introduction of materials, fuel properties and energy conversion methods required to make more efficient, suitable and best adaptable for U Craft. It can also take off and land vertically on the existing roads at any places. In order to move in the water just as any other water bodies or lift up and fly from water or go even to other planets we need a different model of U Craft powered by suitable fuels to provide rotary motion to prime mover which develops centrifugal forces. Nuclear powered steam driven U Craft or any other similar types are fit to move on anywhere from land, water, air to outer space. Hence it is going to be one of the most versatile modes of transportation. Hence it is named as Universal Craft briefly written as U Craft. Hence U Craft can be considered as most promising Wingless Flying Machine of Future transportation

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Gravity-Paradigm Shift in Perception

Books by C Prabhakar

This book contains complete new explanation for Gravity, Formation of Galaxies, Light, Heat and Black Holes along with other explanations that will change the way we perceive Gravity and Light. The special curves like cycloid and helix used to derive mathematically that acceleration produced (known as acceleration due to gravity) is only due to two velocities namely rotation and revolution of the heavenly bodies not due to any gravity force, which proves why inertial mass is equal to gravitational mass. The new approach to find acceleration due to gravity leads to new values of “g’ for the heavenly bodies of our solar system. This value leads to new interpretation of atmospheric conditions that depends on “g”. An attempt is made to describe the atmospheric conditions of other planets due to this variation. This book contains Chapters on Formation of Galaxies giving explanation for rotation curve of the spiral galaxy without need for dark matter or energy. It also gives new explanation for dual nature of light by describing it as particles in a wave motion combining both the explanation of wave and particle nature. In the same chapter new interpretation of spectra supports an evident that light indeed is a particle in a wave motion as an electron gets converted to electromagnetic radiations spread into space and which in turn gets converted back to an electron, when it falls on an Atom. It also contains chapter on Black holes describing it as an empty space. Another chapter on U-Craft, which is a flying object that uses directional centrifugal forces to fly, instead of thrust of gases used by conventional space shuttle. It can also be used for locomotion on the ground as well as to lift off and fly. The special features of U-craft are low altitude flying, vertical lift off as well as landing and minimum floor space requirements without major surrounding disturbance. It can also be extended to make voyages to other planets in the space age with the help of any suitable fuel.

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