Chandra Sekhar Gupta Boggarapu

Chandra Sekhar Gupta is a qualified chartered accountant, company secretary and certified financial planner with about twenty-five years of experience in both industry and capital markets.

He is the founder of a social initiative called Proletarian Power ( Proletarian Power is a not-for-profit entity primarily engaged in analyzing macroeconomic environment in India from ‘public interest’ angle. Through this he critically examines government policies and take up the issues with the concerned ministry/authority when public interest get adversely affected.

He is also working on projects that are meant to empower the proletariat or common man and help them to come out of poverty (without giving doles that will destroy their self-respect).


What Explains Poverty in India

Books by Chandra Sekhar Gupta Boggarapu

India is one of those rare countries in the world that is blessed with all the right resources. India has lots of sunshine, an abundant supply of sweet or potable water, fertile lands and, last but not the least, intelligent and hardworking people.

India, in spite of having all these resources, is still a developing country even after sixty-eight years of independence. The poverty in India is appalling and unjustifiable. On many social development parameters, India is competing with sub-Saharan countries.

What explains this status? Where did India go wrong?

This book is an attempt to understand this puzzle and find the right strategies that would help India discover its true potential.

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