D S Pandit

The author, D. S. Pandit says, “If I need to tell what I do, then probably I am yet to do something worth telling!”

However, we would like to introduce him! The author is an engineer by education and writing is his passion. He enjoys sharing his thoughts and observations through different types of books.

His first book, ‘Leadership Styles Based on Team Effectiveness’, is a non-fiction book, which defines a new leadership styles theory.

His next book is a combination of self-help and fiction, called ‘The Leased PalaceA Story of Choices Between Rat Race, Financial Freedom And Peace of Mind’. It is a very entertaining story revolving around three friends and it throws light on social and psychological factors, which influence financial decision making.

This current book is a collection of quotes and thoughts, containing life lessons with a touch of philosophy and occasional humour.


Wisdom Quotes and Life Lessons

Books by D S Pandit

This book is a collection of quotes, thoughts and it also contains one short story. Each one is about a specific topic, such as ‘Life’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Workplace’ etc. Quotes about the same topic are grouped together. Apart from quotes, this book contains some short write-ups (thoughts) about various aspects of life seen from a different perspective. One topic is discussed using a short-story to make it easier to understand. 

In this book, the author has narrated some life lessons and observations in the form of quotes and thoughts. This book is ideal for reading during travel, because it contains many short write-ups which can be read again and again. Also, there is no need to read the chapters in a specific order, because they are independent of each other. This is also useful for professionals, who are keen to find some fresh quotes and ideas to make their presentations and speeches more interesting. The author believes that readers will find this book helpful and thought-provoking!

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The Leased Palace

Books by D S Pandit

'The Leased Palace' is a very entertaining story that revolves around three individuals who start their life with the same educational, social and financial background. However, each one reacts differently to situations, applies different thought processes while making important decisions in life and accordingly, each one's life moves in a different direction. Through various situations, this book teaches why a person must avoid the rat race and which path to take to attain financial freedom and peace of mind. It also throws light on the social and psychological factors that influence financial decision making. Apart from a useful message, the story has a lot of drama that builds right up to the last chapter and the story takes an extraordinary turn during the climax!

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