Deval Gadhvi

Deval Gadhvi is a twenty-year-old girl who loves to read, write, sing and dance.

She did her bachelor’s in the subject of commerce. It wasn’t too late when she realized that her interest lies in the literature field.

She believes that the problems that show up in everyone’s life should not act as barriers to loving life.

This is her first book in which she describes the happenings of her life.


Silence Broken (volume one)

Books by Deval Gadhvi

They say, it is  a poetry book. But, trust me, there exists hidden stories inside every poetry you read.

A story of first love, long awaited crush, horrible truths, hatred towards people, standing up for self, wanting freedom, following dreams, long lost love, stupid mistakes, regretting decisions and so on.

Each poetry expresses love, speaks unsaid words, lets out cries, feels pain, forces you to smile and makes you laugh sometimes.

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The Pending Coffee

Books by Deval Gadhvi

Love is a kind of feeling which we invite in our lives. But, we do not have any control over it. We have no idea about how, when and where it will happen. But, we know one thing that it will happen. 

Rachel, who never thought of falling in love unless she met Abhishek. She had feelings for him. She felt that he was the one meant for her. 

Abhishek assumed, telling Rachel about his feelings towards her might result off the track. And t

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The Happenings

Books by Deval Gadhvi

Life is full of surprises.

We cannot predict what might hit us the next moment.

It could be a box of happiness or a blanket of sadness or a little wave anger or a smidge of stupidity.

Starring a young girl, “The Happenings” is a collection of stories about her, her offbeat family, strange friends and eerie relatives.

So readers, welcome to a young girl’s world…

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