Diamond Sharma

Diamond is a twenty six year old young lad hailing from Chandigarh, a very beautiful city.

He is a man of I.T by education but sorcerer by passion. He nearly skimmed himself from I.T to be a sorcerer.

He realised that by becoming a writer he can become a sorcerer who could fast forward or rewind or even stop the revolving globe with just his pen’s tip.



Books by Diamond Sharma

Zeus, the crown prince of Agrain, has a strange illness – Whatever injuries he suffers in his dream are for real!

In order to escape reality and forget the pain, he always wanders everywhere in an intoxicated state with an ale-skin. Circumstances force him to face the worst fear of his life – Survive through the day without drinking and bear the injuries from his dreams.

While Zeus fights with his own inner demons, he recollects a strange memory from his childhood that compels him to set out in search of a mystery man…

Upon encountering the mysterious stranger, Zeus was in for another ground shaking shock – The man not only gives him the reason for his nightmares, but reveals spine-chilling secrets of an age-old prophecy and saga of an epic battle that makes Zeus's head spin with mixed emotions – wonder at the strange twist of fate and rage at the barbaric revelations that made his blood boil.

Zeus accepts his destiny and joins forces of brave warriors from past to destroy The Three Evil Lords Ariakm, Liakm and Ziakm who had taken over the world with their vile and vicious methods.

Does he fulfill the prophecy?

Can he restore the world to its former glory, with reinstating The Three holy Lords - Lord Krishna, Lord Azrael and Lord Ahura Mazda?

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