Dimple Walia

Dimple (Sukhwinder Kaur) is an Electronics & Telecommunication engineer. Having worked with a telecom company for a decade, she decided to pursue her passion for reading, writing and spirituality. She has delved into many spiritual modalities and finally found her calling in writing. This is her fourth book. She believes that writing is a kind of therapy. She learns from her day-to-day life and likes to share her learnings with the world through her words.

You can follow her on her Facebook page, ‘Dimple Walia – Foundations for Life’.



Books by Dimple Walia

Dia’s family is all set to go to Switzerland for summer vacation, but she is not excited. She has a trail of questions in her mind like why she feels a void despite having a loving family, health and required wealth. What is the purpose of her life? Where did she lose that connection with the Almighty? Why does she have some fears and concerns for her son? Why does she feel stuck in life? Why does life appear to be stagnating?... 

Aditya give

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Life is all about those... Moments

Books by Dimple Walia

Inspired by the success of her previous two books, Dimple Walia, decided to go one step further to collect some powerful and relatable moments in the lives of various people including herself. In this book, she has analyzed, interpreted and, most importantly, felt those moments. Each moment is concluded with a poem, which connects those precious moments to the ultimate feeling of comprehension and contentment.

The beauty of the book lies in the freedom

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