Dinesh Limbachiya

When we have to introduce somebody, we have to edit his life history again and again. Some astrologer has pointed out that a person having eight qualifications has to struggle a lot. This is the life of Dinesh Limbachiya. He started his career acting in plays from the age of 18 years. Life was not comfortable, so he had to join the mainstream business and left acting. He was a cloth merchant from a normal background, but at the back of his mind, he always thought of acting and writing. After 30 years of struggle, his son finally excelled in life and that was the time he retired from business aRead More...


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बॉम्बे टू मुंबई

Books by दिनेश लिम्बाचिया

वकील गैंग पूरी तरह से ताकतवर बन गई थी। आदिल की जाँबाजी, गुरुदास की बनिया सोच और रामपाल का पुलिस और पॉलिटिशियंस से बेहतर तालमेल, यही इनकी मजबूती का संगम था। रामपाल का अपना खुफिया त

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Bombay to Mumbai

Books by Dinesh Limbachiya

The Mumbai drugs mafia worked; thanks to the Commissioner’s mercy. Ayesha was the only one who knew about this secret information. The Commissioner had blurted all his secrets to her when he had downed a few pegs and was lost in her beauty. He found peace in Ayesha’s arms, and they spent many nights together. This was also one of the many reasons to not put up a camera inside the house.

The next day Vakil Saab’s statement was printed on the front

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