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Diptamoy Goswami

Diptamoy Goswami, fondly known as dg (not DG), is an extremely down-to-earth person. He is a qualified Human Resources Management and Development professional and has practiced HRM for almost three decades in some of the most respected, successful and people centric organizations in India covering the manufacturing, infrastructure, telecom, ITES and corporate NGO sectors. After hanging his boots from the corporate world, dg has taken up writing to share his invaluable experiences with people through a series of books. Among other things, dg is crazy about driving. Having done more than four lakh kilometers on all kinds of terrains, he believes that he must have been a professional chauffer in his previous birth. “Knowledge and experiences are like bottles of perfumes. Keep them captivated in the bottles and they will denature with time. Open them and let the fragrance spread, they will immortalize with time. Choice is yours.” - says dg.

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