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Dipti Singhal

Dipti Singhal believes that every child, no matter what age, can be emboldened and empowered to make a positive difference in the world. She is a Chartered Accountant and worked with various corporates giants. In 2019, she established a startup company for healthy Snacking - “Healthy Master”. She is Co-founder of “Pahal-Kare” a non-profit purpose led platform that determined to work on various aspect of children’s personality and life-skills. She is passionate to imbibe good human values among kids and provide them the right direction at an early age to make each upcoming day better,Read More...

Just Add 21 Days Magic in Your Parenting

Books by Dipti Singhal


Do you believe in tiny yet magical habits that can transform children’s personality and shape them to better individuals? If yes, this book is right for you. 

-        How to keep the external distractions away from children?

-        Discipline – Is it giving you negative emotions? How to handle this?

-        A special phase of life – ‘Teens’. How to make it more joyf

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A Jewel To Twirl..

Books by Advika Gupta

"Jewel To Twirl" is a story of a Robber, Kimaya. She is a witty, fast, and uncatchable thief. Then comes the Jewel in Unicity as bright as the sun, found underground with a 5000 year old fossil holding it. It is said that the Jewel has magical powers to change people's mindset but Kimaya doesn't believe in this and went to steal the jewel. Its mistery on what will happen next... 

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