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Diya Asrani

Diya Asrani (Founder of Design Your Presence™) has been a successful personal branding coach, artist, image consultant, corporate trainer, professional speaker, and entrepreneur. Her career started in 2011 after she quit design school and took up image management because of her passion for helping people build their presence and become confident in what they do. Despite having a fear of public speaking, she took the leap of faith and became a well-known trainer and speaker, working with many companies while also fine-tuning her skills as a powerful presenter in the industry. Through her experiences with many clients, she learned that there is one common challenge that everyone faces in building an impactful personal brand: “How to build a presence that would get me more clients?”

In the midst of building her own brand, she landed two lucrative full-time jobs, one after the other in 2014, that helped her dive deeper into the concept of building a brand presence. She understood that it is about how people express and present themselves that brings out the true essence of a brand that leads to higher trust, growth, and consistency in the brand’s journey of evolution.

She found this as a great way to put it all together by connecting a person’s image with the power of building a presence, designing one’s personal brand, and taking it to a whole new level to attract more clients.

In the year 2020, while the world was going through a tough phase of the pandemic, she decided to reach out to many entrepreneurs, coaches, and trainers through her book on personal branding, which would be a personal guide to take action in building a personal brand the right way.

An award-winning coach and one of 2020’s top ten branding coaches worldwide, Diya has managed to carve a niche and build her presence as one of the most sought-after leaders in the industry.


Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence

Books by Diya Asrani

In this book, Diya Asrani has taken a simple, personalized yet impactful approach towards the concept of personal branding. She highlights a subtle amalgamation of her own stories with a timeless perspective of one’s role as a brand presence in the industry. Fighting through the dilemma of figuring out ways to grow her business and get more clients effortlessly, she has built an evergreen presence that gets her clients effortlessly. This book is a guiding li

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