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Daman Ler Sun

An overly curious individual, Damanler Sun is a textbook introvert and a bit of a hermit. He does not think of himself as being shy—just ‘reserved’. He is fascinated by life and its meaning and his purpose. With a rebellious streak to his nature when it comes to social norms and restricting traditions and believes. Born and raised in the state of Meghalaya, India—a.k.a the abode of the storm clouds—to a local father and a mother from Manipur, he knows a thing or two about standing out in a crowd and being different but he carries and lives with his differences witRead More...

The Age of Prime

Books by Daman Ler Sun

What kind of world do you imagine 50 or a 100 or even 25 years from now? All of us can speculate and try to visualize from the images depicted by cinemas and artist or thought out by analyst. Predicting the future is a great human trait and skill (we are not exclusive in that matter but our calculation of the probable future is surly on another level in comparison to any other living being). The best way to predict the future is to work hard in the present.

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