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Dr Deepa Acharya

The author is a student of economics, has secured a doctorate in banking, and worked as a researcher for several sectors and industries. She has worked as a columnist and authored many professional booklets, handouts, and other such publications. The author has designed innovative models for native art promotion, education, and banking at the grassroots level. She is fortunate to have a guided experience in meditation for almost two decades.Read More...


Books by Deepa Acharya

Vision is simply to do with virtual seeing, and insight is seriously internal business. Enlightenment is the most blissful moment that anyone experiences in one of their births. One is left thinking what we lack to enjoy our treasures? Why do we feel happy with all morbid things? Do we really know what happiness, joy, love, and wisdom are?

Truth and wisdom can only be learned from the school of life, and the fee would only be failures. N

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Books by Deepa Acharya

Success may give a comfortable and relaxed life,

But failures can give the performance and insight towards having quality of life.

Success can give all valuables,

Failures will add value to life.

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