Dr. Santosh R S

Dr. Santosh R S, an academic achiever, was a merit rank holder of the State Scholarship Exam and is currently the CEO of GMV India Pvt. Ltd. In his school years, he realized the Importance of Sports in life and in shaping a dynamic personality. That is when he took interest in games; lost, failed, persevered, learnt and won. Today, he actively plays cricket, football, badminton and is a marathon runner. Dr. Santosh was always inclined towards management which leaned further when he went to a B-school. While he studied all the management concepts, it dawned on him that watching or playing sportRead More...


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The SPORTS CLASS THINKING Towards Business Success

Books by Dr. Santosh R S

Sports and business have often been at the opposite ends of the spectrum and rarely extended a hand out to each other. But is it supposed to be that way?

What if the businesses switched glasses with sports to view what it has to offer?

This book views the sports world through a management lens and offers valuable learnings to the new-age leaders in management. At its core, the book's purpose is to create “Sports Class Thinking for Business Lead

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