Dr. Vishwa Ratan

Dr. Vishwa Ratan is a doctor from India. He is an eye and public specialist. He is a wanderluster by nature and has travelled to more than thirty countries meeting people and working in various hospitals.

He has beautifully explained human relationships in his stories. His previous books A Doctor’s Journey—A Collection of Short Stories and Ek Dhalthi Shaam are very popular among readers.

E-mail ID: vratan6@rediffmail.com


A Night in the Emergency Room

Books by Dr. Vishwa Ratan

A Night in the Emergency Room is a collection of short stories based on true incidents. The characters in the stories are a source of inspiration, love, struggle, sacrifice and patience. Most of these stories are woven around love. Love is God’s blessing, which transcends every human barrier.

The medical fraternity is blessed with the opportunity to serve fellow human beings, and a few of these stories will inspire doctors, in particular, to

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