D. S. Pandit

After the book "Leadership Styles Based on Team Effectiveness", the author has also written an interesting self help book called "The Leased Palace". 

The first book explains leadership styles from a new perspective and helps you to know and improve your style.

The second book "The Leased Palace", is a very entertaining story that explains the choices made by most of us; the social and psycholigical factors influencing those choices and how they lead us to the "rat race". 


Leadership Styles based on Team Effectiveness

Books by D.S Pandit

This book provides a new perspective to leadership styles. In this book, the leader’s attributes and actions are discussed in context to the available team and set targets. This book describes six leadership styles based on the role played by the leader in ensuring effectiveness of the team. It explains how to understand one’s leadership style. Finally it also suggests ways to improve the same.

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