Dwijadas GHOSAL

The author is a Mechanical Engineer with Masters Degree in Business management and has a long experience in cutting edge technologies in different companies in India and abroad. He is settled in Kolkata and at present lives in Bangalore.

Be Everlasting in Love

Books by Dwijadas GHOSAL

Angela with her enigmatic smile was in soft conversation... showing someone invisible a newly grown evening primrose. What was the story of her life? How could she come to terms with her life even in aftermath of a great tragedy?

Anirban’s indomitable spirit, unrelenting courage and his supreme sacrifice for the sake of duty, honour and country transcended beyond the cold wave of his destiny. His love would remain everlasting in every rhythm of Angela’s life in joyous expression of their bygone days. Angela’s unabated love in reliving togetherness with Anirban made an eternity of moments.

How could Anirban’s passion for sky, anti-war views and positivism weave philosophies of life within the twists and turns of the story?... Just read on.

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