Indie Author Championship #6

D Elangovan

Hi, readers. I’m Elangovan, a simple fellow from my native town known as Edayarpakkam. I’m a temporary Mazdoor (DPG) in Tamil Nadu Health Department. I belong to a farming labour family. I have the habit of reading books, through which I have been allured towards Tirukkural, the greatest literary work in Tamil. Meanwhile, I noticed that many novelists from several languages around the globe have conveyed many novel thoughts to society through their creative works. Most of them have become familiar because of their creative work, which, as a result, brought out a desire within me to become Read More...

Apple in Dream Land

Books by D Elangovan

It’s a romantic and thriller novel. English and Apple are the starrers (main characters) of this novel. English is 21 years old, and Apple is 18. Both became lovers in a forest-like area near Hyde Park.

Both English and Apple have been kidnapped by aliens to an unknown planet. And they escaped from them and returned to earth. The earth then has no water, air and living beings.

Meanwhile, the lifespan of the sun came to an end, and thus became a

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