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Emmy Arsonval Maniriho

Emmy Arsonval Maniriho is the Co-Founder and CEO of Go Smart Aviation Ltd. With his vivid dream of becoming an expert in the aviation industry and his thirst for knowledge in many fields, he obtained an MBA in Airline and Airport Management, M.A. Human Rights, PGD in NGO Management, BA in Journalism and Communication, Diploma in Theology, Diploma in United Nations and International Understanding. He thus has broad knowledge and experience in international air transport, management, tourism and hospitality management.  He is keen to train and educate aviation aspirants. He has co-authored Read More...

Airline Cabin Crew Training Manual

Books by Emmy Arsonval MANIRIHO

Airline Cabin Crew Training Manual is meant to prepare students and cabin crew practitioners to handle the toughest moments in airlines and Airports and definitely boost the performance of an airline. It is designed for the people who like to become Airhostess and stewards. Cabin Crew or flight attendants also known as stewards, air hosts or cabin attendants are members of an aircrew employed by airlines whose job is primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of

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Strategic Airport Planning and Marketing

Books by Emmy Arsonval Maniriho

Strategic Airport Planning and Marketing exhibits the entire strategic conception and business plans for constructing airports, establishing master plan and running the airport operations.

Why Airport Strategic Business Planning and Marketing? This book defines strategic planning and considers plan elements, review Planning Process and measuring airport success. It showcases the best management practices, aviation trends and strategic thinking a

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